Paralyzed Rabbits

Interesting fellow sitting in the bus seat before me. Nice hair. I take a look at his phone screen – he’s just refreshing his email inbox. He closes it and opens WhatsApp. Sees a new message, answers. He goes back, looks for new messages and upon their nonexistence reads the same one he did before. He closes WhatsApp, and checks his inbox again.

Either he was waiting for a very important message or he was just obsessed, manic, hyperactive, relentless… However you want to call it. Both cases mean he can’t stand the possibility of not immediately reading and answering any message.

Such behavior leaks into other areas of life – it is toxic for your ability to concentrate on a single, boring task for more than a few seconds. I wonder how some people would manage to even read a book page.

If you want to get somewhere, don’t let the promise of novelty enslave you. Turn it around. Develop patience. Hone your ability to concentrate intensely and for a long duration of time – that’s where the magic happens. Admit to yourself that no WhatsApp message is urgent or important. One might save you 10 minutes because you don’t have to get to the café to find out your date flaked. But there’s worse uses of your time and money than standing around with no purpose.

Of course, the other maniacs will try to convince you of the opposite. But don’t listen to them. They’re paralyzed rabbits, unable to escape their self-dug hole. Tell people to call you or write you an SMS if it’s urgent. You will be surprised how much time and focus this actually brings you.


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