Even the most enlightened rah-rah-rers among us must admit that they sometimes feel envy arise. We cannot avoid it – and where that issue stems from and how it could be avoided shall not matter today. Instead, let’s look at how to weaken it or use it as motivation.
If you’re envious, as with any other negative emotion, delve into it. Feel it. Really let it overwhelm you and notice how your thoughts and body change throughout. After about 30 seconds, you will feel it subside and can go on about business. Even if you’re envious of someone else’s possession or character trait, remind yourself that a) you too have unique possessions, skills and character traits – we’re all humans – and b) you can get to where they are:
If your envy doesn’t dissolve entirely (perhaps because you really hate someone ond don’t feel like he deserves it), fuel your endeavor to get to the same point with it. Use others who are hugely successful at something as a role model, as a trailblazer. How did they get there? What specific actions is their skill/trait comprised of? Do the same. One day you’ll get there. And looking at them, you will not use sight of your goal.

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