6/19: What This Blog Will Look Like

Huzzah. Here we go again, clueless what to write. But that’s fine. It’s the act of writing itself that matters. Today’s background soundtrack is “Light of the Seven” from the GoT soundtrack – the one that plays while Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor. Why am I writing that? So you know. This is the first text I’ll publish in my “raw” category. I came up with the idea in a chemistry lesson at school today – it was way more interesting than battery systems.
Let’s get to the beefy part though, instead of stories about how my day went. Those are too easy. I better come up with something. The new categories of blog posts I brainstormed, by the way, are Raw, Personal, Pamphlets, Daily Bits, Book Notes, and Miscellaneous (quotes, good content from elsewhere or off-topic stuff).

Having this variety of formats to choose from, I ensure producing a boatload of content: The daily bits are just random thoughts expressed in a few lines. They are all I force myself to post every day. Raw stuff is just what I type struggling to check the box for “Write 300 Words” every day. I can post that stuff whenever I want to, but if it’s personal (I like to abuse the 300 words for reflection), I might post it as personal (along goalsetting and rants). Miscellaneous and Book Notes are just a place to unload some of the dumpcart that is my Evernote. I’m sure someone will find it useful.

But what if instead of not having an idea and just filling a whole page with reflections on the philosophical implications of bacon, I have a great article, a real article in mind? Well, then I do one. I even complement it with research. And I edit and revise it – so naturally, as it costs me that much effort, it deserves the showiest name I can give it: I call it a pamphlet. I don’t know how long it will take me to write my first one and the thought of it scares the hell outta me, but that’s just one more reason to have that category and produce some really comprehensive evergreens.


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