6/20: Purposeless Writing, Being a Movie Hero

Heya, it’s time to tackle the writing again. Within two days of just doing purposefully writing whatever is on my mind, it’s become more pleasurable than learning French and practicing Avicii songs on my flügelhorn. Otherwise, I would not be procrastinating to do them. I was just thinking about the reason I make these introductions before trying to get at least a little serious – and I don’t know one. I guess it just helps me ease into the flow that is writing. And it helps me ease out of it, because I will reach my 300-word goal much faster. But worry not, I will increase that goal. Some day, I might actually produce a structured article. I will – I’ve got some good ideas. Although that’s not really the purpose of this category.
Do I want to just spill out my brain and reflect here? Or do I want to restrict it to certain topics that are related to my content? I do not know. Actually, I think might do both. If something great comes up, I will explore it here. But I will also reflect on random questions I have – after all, I have enough ideas for really effortful evergreen articles (or “pamphlets,” as I call them). At least, this serves as a means of reflection for me. And it improves my writing style. I can see what comes natural and what doesn’t. What I like and what not. I can play around with tone and words.
By the way, “Rains of Castamere” just started in the background. I love this dramatic music. I listen to the soundtrack of war movies every day. It gives me a feeling of being a movie hero, which I love. I have a whole list of movie characters I want to be like: James Bond, Harvey Specter, Alex Grey, Alfred Pennyworth (from “Gotham”), Gatsby, Aldo Raine. As a child, I would imagine myself being the protagonist of a movie after watching it. I could get lost in these fantasy worlds. That was how I escaped my unsatisfying present. And just the feeling of it – although I’m now the hero of my own movie, in full conscious control of it – gives me pleasure today.


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