Bootcamp for My Social Anxieties

TNT – I’m a powerload, watch me explode. That’s today’s writing soundtrack, and I need it – I am about to commit myself to overcoming my deepest-rooted fear: Fear of strangers. As mentioned previously, I am frightened by the thought of approaching strangers. Of course that is a big hindrance to many things in life, as it influences pretty much all my interactions. So, as summer holidays will start tomorrow, I’m flirting with exposing myself to that fear bootcamp style. That means going to the next big city (to make it a little easier for me, as nobody from there will ever see me again) and approaching people. Just the thought makes me shiver. And I will do it every day for several weeks. As an introvert, that will probably burn me out, so I will need to recharge mindfully, an endeavor in of itself.

To avoid overwhelming myself too much, here’s the babysteps I created: 1. Just holding eye contact and smiling, 2. Saying “hi” to strangers and 3. Initiating conversations. Eventually, I will tackle another fear and focus the conversations on girls I find attractive. And yes, that’s 100 percent copied from an old pick-up classic fittingly called the “Don Juan Boot Camp.” It is exactly what I need: a fancy plan. The action is what matters. And that doesn’t get easier by overthinking it.

Of course I will take some notes and write about it. It’s gonna be interesting.


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