15 Days of Social Discomfort: The Plan

As told, I am about to start my self-imposed challenge of approaching strangers to reduce my social anxiety. And in the last week, while you were reading premade one-sentence posts scheduled for daily release, I came up with a simple program of how I will confront my anxiety, as I will not go cold-turkey. I believe in gradually confronting the fears I have. And by the way, this uses the Don Juan Bootcamp’s challenges as a guideline. It is aimed to be effective, not fancy. And if you want to skip the technicalities, stay tuned for today’s wrap-up post.

Stage 1: Hold eye contact with people for four total hours (walking around), with 25 girls

Stage 2: Smile at people for four total hours, at 25 girls
Stage 3: Say ‘hi’ to 100 people, 25 girls (this should include the two things I practiced before, looking and smiling)
Stage 4: Have 2-minute conversations with 15 people and 25 girls
Stage 5: Get rejected by 15 girls

Apart from these, I will lay down on the floor on public (or do something else if I start feeling comfortable on the ground) as a warm-up each day.

You may notice the focus on picking up women. I am 15 years old. It’s a priority for me, and if I have to overcome my social fears anyway, I may as well do it in the way that brings the biggest yield.

I have a maximum of 15 free days of summer holidays available for it and intend to make use of every single one of them, especially since they are distributed over a period of several weeks. This project will be my top priority, as it will influence the communication with every person I meet – for the rest of my live.

What are my expectations? I will fear. I will fringe. I will probably cry. I’m really not positive how this will make me feel – I have never done anything close to this when it comes to stepping out of my (social) comfort zone. But all that matters is the profound impact on my communication that this will have. And expecting the worst, I may even have some unforeseen adventures.


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