Some Thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Just watched that one for relaxation purposes (worked, although 10 minutes of meditation or jerking off would have done the same in an 18th of the time). Here’s some pseudo-philosophical thoughts on it:

Drugs Are Bad for You

Who’d have thought.

Money, Drugs and Sex Won’t Solve Problems

Jordan Belfort’s biggest problem? I’m not sure. I’d say entitledness and consequences of a drug consumption that is a bit too high. Instead of ever adressing them, though, he robs further and further down the negative loop he’s built for himself. Think of the scene where he comes back from the Country Club, beating his wife and crashing a car because he doesn’t want his daughter taken away from him (in a rather possessive sense) and taking cocaine just to solve a problem originally caused by really amateurish drug consumption (if you decide to fool around with drugs, at least do it right: know what you’re taking and install security measures). The thought of quitting probably never came up. I’m pretty certain Belfort didn’t see any other way of living.

Crime Comes to Haunt You

It always does. And until that point, it stresses you out a whole lot. The monoy gained is just not worth the hassle. Yes, you can money much faster if you do it illegally. But in the long term, the stress, violence and prison time at least even the playing field compared to the legal way. Don’t be a cheapskate. Making a lot of money in a sustainable is hard, but that’s the whole challenge.

Know When to Call It Quits

This may only apply to illegal endeavors, but in any case, don’t fall victim to sunk-cost fallacies. If something just doesn’t work, it won’t after putting even more resources into it. And please set aside your pride here. That’s your ego talking. Quitting is an art mastered by few, so you can be proud if you at least attempt to become one of them. You will not be disappointed.

Tribe Mentality

I loved that big hum scene. I loved how Brad Bodnick didn’t even talk after Donny got him into jail. I loved how nobody ratted anyone out. That’s a tribe mentality right there. I want that somewhere.

Rage Is Never Helpful

Take a deep breath. Take another one. Don’t say anything for a few seconds. Now, you can already deal with your problems a lot more productively.

Don’t Deceive People

It may even be legal – but it is not sustainable. Squeeze your balls and do the work to find a way of creating value for others in order to make your money.


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